How to Keep A Tent Cool when Camping in Hot Weather

Camping in the summer is a great way to spend those long days outdoors. But getting into a sticky and hot tent at the end of the night can quickly sour your mood, especially on those 90 degree evenings. If you don't know how to beat the heat, check out these simple tips we've collected so that you know how to keep a tent cool no matter the temperature or your mood!

Snow Tips For Camping In Summer

The camping you wish you were doing while you're actually sweltering in 90 degree heat!

Simple Tips To Keep A Tent Cool

  • Set up your tent just before it gets dark, and put it down again in the morning. This will stop hot air from getting trapped in it during the day.
  • Try to set up your tent under a shady spot at the campsite. But watch out for dead tree limbs above!
  • Position your tent so that it is facing the wind, and open up the windows to let air circulate.
  • Choose a camping spot close to the water. A river or a lake to catch some of the cool breeze.
  • Create a sunshade above your tent, using a tarp or even better, a reflective space blanket to deflect the hot sun. Keep it a couple of feet above your tent to allow proper airflow.
  • Pick a tent larger than you need, so that there's adequate air flow in the tent during the night. The squishier you feel in the tent with your mates, the warmer that body heat is going to be!
  • Check the weather, and leave off the rain fly if there's no chance of rain. Rain flys are usually quite thick and can act like a giant blanket, trapping hot air.
  • Bring a canvas style cot to sleep on. This will raise you off the hot ground, and let air circulate around your body.

Extra Tips

  • If you're an avid camper, it might be a good idea to have a tent for the warmer months, and a tent for the cooler season. The main difference is that a tent designed for summer months will most likely have more mesh and windows to allow air flow to go through.
  • If possible, forego the tent, and sleep in a hammock! 
  • Bring a portable fan and even better, put a bucket of ice in front of it. This will give you that A/C you've been dreaming about!
Firefighters Trying To Cool Down

What you need after spending a night with 4 mates in a 3 person tent.

If you love camping in the summer, but didn't know how to keep a tent cool, then hopefully our tips have helped you out. These tips should keep you frosty cool, or at least help you get a proper sleep despite the heat.

But if all else fails, you can always pack enough cold beers and that should get you through the night! Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips to help you and your tent stay cool in the summer months.

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