How To Keep Beer Cold On A Camping Trip!

Everyone loves festival season. You can break out the tent, have an excuse to rough it for a couple of days, and see all of your favorite bands. There is always the age old problem of drinking cold beer though. You either pay extortionate prices at the festival bar, after lining up for 40 minutes, or you make do with the lukewarm offerings you brought with you.

Cold Beer In A Bucket

​I've been to my fair share of festivals. Dropped the ball a few times when it comes to keeping my drinks cold too. I've ruined quite a few weekends with warm offerings to be completely honest with you.

What if there was a solution? What if I could teach you how to keep the beer you bring with you as cold as Frosty's feet? What if I was willing to share what went right with keeping my cans cold? Well read on and I will do just that, giving you two ways depending on how much you want to spend, both with minimal effort!

Low Budget Drinks Cooling​

The first way to keep your drinks cold is an age old trick, first discovered by a wise old thirsty man back in the days before we had state of the art coolers, for the camper on a budget. The coolest place on a burning hot day is in damp soil. All you need to do is to fill up a few empty bottles with water from the communal toilets, dump it on the floor and bury your drinks in the soil. If you really want to go the whole hog you could put the groundsheet for your tent over the buried drinks.

This way isn't just cheap, it's effective, but it does have some negatives though. Oddly enough, you will have wet soil all over your drinks! I'm no fan of that and I know you're not either! Not just that but if you chose to put your groundsheet over the top then it's a lot of extra hassle to get to your drinks. No-one wants that when you're rushing to get to the front for Future Islands.

High Budget Drinks Cooling​

Coolers aren't like those old bags your Mom used to have years ago that kept your ice cream cool but melted. These days they're cooling beasts that can keep things frozen for five days at a time. There’s coolers for most budgets, but put simply, it’s an insulated container to keep your food and drinks, nice and cold, for longer! Just fill them up with a couple of bags of ice and you're good to go for the whole weekend.

Not only does it hold a good sized amount and keep your drinks cold for the whole weekend, but if you get a good one it will come with a built in trolley so you don't even need to worry about carrying your drinks across the whole camp site to get to your pitch.

What To Do

No matter what you decide, always remember to bring a couple of drink sleeves, or beer coozies, to share around with your mates. Slip them on your drinks, and it’ll keep your drinks cooler for longer, even in the summer heat!

The only way you can guarantee your drinks are kept cooler is if you bring a camper van and put them in the fridge. But let's be honest though, if you do that it kind of ruins the whole fun of camping in the first place!​

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