What is Glamping? An Introduction to Luxury Camping.

Glamping in a Bell Tent

Do you want to experience the joys of staying in the outdoors, but aren’t so keen on the idea of traditional camping? Then maybe Glamping is the solution for you. If you’re wondering what is Glamping, it’s “Glamorous Camping”- in other words it’s just like camping, but in a tent that has many of the amenities that you’d expect in a hotel room. The difference, of course, is that unlike a hotel room you will be able to open your door and look straight out across the countryside or, if you’re Glamping at a music festival, look out at the unwashed people who aren’t living in such luxury!

Exactly what is Glamping?​

​Compared to the camping definition, which is when you sleep in the outdoors in a tent with very few features other than a sleeping bag and a bottle of water, the Glamping definition is one that sounds more like a well furnished hotel room. Of course this depends on the holiday you choose to go on, but the basic idea is that you are being at one with nature, without sacrificing the conveniences that you have come to expect from modern life. Beyond purely being a luxurious way to camp, Glamping is a term that’s now used to describe unusual types of accommodation in the wilderness. The difference between a glamping structure and a hotel is that, in theory at least, it is a free standing structure that can be packed away- unlike the long lasting nature of a hotel building.

Where do People Go Glamping?​

The most common place that you will see people glamping is at music festivals, where the option to upgrade from the traditional camping experience has proven to be a popular option for many attendees. It’s not just limited to these events though, as there are a number of glam camping sites that you can visit all year round.

What types of Structures Are Used for Glamping?​

As mentioned earlier, Glamping involves sleeping outside, like you would with camping, but in more luxurious accommodation. Even bringing a big family tent for the two of you for more spacious accommodation is considering glam camping! Usually the structures are temporary, unlike with a hotel, but are more rigid and full of amenities than you would get in a tent. Popular structures that are used in this way include:​



Yurts were first used thousands of years ago in Mongolia, and are circular structures with fabric walls and a domed roof. The materials they are made from mean that they are simple to put up and pack away, so they are easily transported



A tipi is a familiar design, which is also constructed from resilient fabric walls and are portable. They don’t provide as much internal space as you would get with a Yurt, but this means it’s easier to regulate the temperature



Airstreams are RV’s made from a distinctive aluminum shell that gives them a great look, while being tough and durable. They can be like having a fully furnished bedroom wherever they are taken


Safari Tent

Safari tents are large, spacious tents that were first designed for long stays in the African wilderness. They often have multiple rooms inside and are tough and rigid structures. This means they are more difficult to put up and take down than other options or a normal tent



There’s been a large increase in the number of luxury tree-houses that can be hired by visitors. They are fixed structures and often have all the amenities you would expect from a normal house

What Amenities can you Expect While Glamping?

The reason why people choose to go glamor camping instead of normal camping is because it offers most of the home comforts that you would otherwise go without. Some amenities you can expect to get while glamping include:

  • They are pre-built so you can start enjoying your stay immediately
  • More Spacious
  • Raised beds to sleep on
  • Running water (including a sink and a shower)
  • Electricity Supply (for cooking and charging devices)
  • Heating/Air Conditioning
  • Televisions
  • Wine Fridges
  • Sofas
  • Entertainment Space
  • More Secure Campsite (particularly at festivals)
  • Wooden Floors

Of course, the things on offer at each glampsite depend on the type of accommodation, price you are willing to pay, and the environmental conditions in the area (for example a glampsite somewhere that’s cold will offer heaters, and those in hot climates will have air-con units).

A Final Thought​

If you want to experience living outdoors, whether on a campsite or at a music festival, but you're Not Quite Wild, and don’t really like the idea of staying in a basic tent, then Glamping is a great choice for you. What is glamping best for? Simply put, it’s luxurious outdoor living where you’ll have all the amenities you would expect from a hotel, but with the added benefit of being able to walk out the door, take a deep breath of fresh air, and look out across nature!

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