What to Bring to a Music Festival? More Dancing, Less Stress!

Young People Going Camping At Music Festival

It’s that time of year again when the suns out and the festival season gets into full swing, but with all the excitement of seeing your favorite performers the decisions of what to bring to a music festival are often left until last minute. In this article we will be looking at the most important things that you shouldn’t forget to take with you in order to help you create your own music festival packing list.

Music Festival Checklist

As with any time that you go away, it’s a really good idea to write a checklist of the things to bring camping so it’s a simple case of ticking each item when you pack it. That way you’ll be confident that you’re fully prepared for the festival, and won’t need to buy too many items when you get there. It may seem like a time saving exercise to make use of the stalls at the festival, but they’re often much more expensive than at your local shops- money that will be better spent on refreshments while you enjoy the music.

Dos and Don’ts​

With this all being said, it’s also important not to take too much with you. It can become a hassle having to transport it there in the first place, a lot of things may not be allowed on site, and festivals often have real problems with the amount of stuff that is left behind once things have finished. The trick with creating a Coachella camping list is to include essential items, a few fun items, but not to go overboard.

Things to Bring​

Here are the items that will make a good start to your list, and cover pretty much everything you will need during the festival:​



Unless you have splashed out on more luxurious accommodation, you mustn’t forget to bring a place to sleep in. There are very easy to setup instant tents available so you do not need to worry about setting up your tent.


Entry Ticket

You wouldn’t believe how many people forget to bring their tickets with them. Without it, you won’t be getting in!


Water Bottle

Most festivals provide free sources of drinking water, so it will be handy having your own bottle that you can fill up when you have the chance to


Sleeping Bag

Sleeping in the tent can be uncomfortable and potentially very cold, so a sleeping bag will ensure you can sleep in comfort



Festivals involve a lot of walking and if it rains there will be a lot of mud. It is, therefore, vital that you have comfortable and protective footwear


Toilet Rolls

While plenty of toilets are provided at festivals, the first thing that tends to run out is the toilet tissue. It’s always worth having a backup just in case


Sun Tan Lotion

There may not be a lot of shade at the festival, so to prevent sunburn in the hopefully glorious weather you must ensure you take your sun tan lotion



You need to cover yourself for all types of weather, so something warm, something waterproof and something cool should be included



Just because you’re at a festival doesn’t mean all sense of hygiene should be forgotten about. Toiletries such as a toothbrush and deodorant will help you feel clean and fresh throughout the festival



It may not be possible to get a shower, and festivals have a habit of making you feel grimy. Baby wipes are a great way to clean yourself off without needing to find a source of running water



If you have prescription medication that you regularly take, or are concerned about hay fever and other conditions that may arise while away, you must make sure you take the relevant medicine with you



So you can prove who you are



Don’t forget your money and bank card so you can eat and drink while you are away


Rubbish Bags

So you can take your rubbish away with you, and keep your dirty clothes separate from your other belongings


Power Pack

This will ensure you can keep all of your devices charged without paying some of the extortionate fees for on site charging

Things Not to Bring

  • Pets – Unless you have an assistance dog, festivals are not places for pets to be
  • Fireworks – While they may seem fun, fireworks pose a risk to others at the festival
  • Packaging – If you have bought anything new for the festival you should remove all the wrapping before packing it
  • Prohibited Items - Check the festival website for items that they do not allow

Final Thoughts

Festivals are the highlight of the summer for many people when they get a chance to see their favorite acts perform, but they can be very expensive and uncomfortable if you don’t take adequate steps to prepare before you arrive on site. It’s worth thinking through exactly what to bring to a music festival, so when you get there you can focus on the enjoyment and not worry about the practicalities.

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