What to Take Camping?

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Are you going on holiday soon and not sure what you’ll need? When thinking about what to take camping you need to consider a variety of things such as the amount of space you have in your car, storage space in your tent, and the prioritizing of important items. I find it to be a really helpful exercise to write a camping packing list to figure out which things count as essentials as opposed to being optional, and in this article will be helping you decide what’s necessary in your case.

Consider Where you will be Going and Who Will be Going​

When you are preparing for a trip you will, of course, have a fairly good idea of where you will be going and the type of environment you will be staying in. This will affect the things you take with you. If, for example, you will be in a particularly cold climate, then you will need to take a lot more warm blankets and sleeping bags than would otherwise be necessary. Conversely in warm climates you will need to prioritize cool and refreshing items, and in rainy weather you will need to protect yourself from getting too wet.

​You should also take precautions against unpredictable weather just in case things don’t turn out how you expect. The trick with camping must haves is to make best use of your transport space, but be prepared for anything that could feasibly happen.

Each person that is camping with you will require their own bedding, and the washing and toilet facilities will need to be enough to accommodate the needs of everyone that is with you. Having a large enough tent is just the first step, as you will all want to feel comfortable and have a great time when you are there.​

Things to Pack for a Trip​

The following things are camping essentials:


Tent / Accommodation

If you will be staying in a tent you should make sure it is spacious enough for everyone that will be traveling with you, and before you leave for that great outdoor adventure, it is worth ensuring that the tent is complete with all of the poles and stakes that you will need to put it up. Having spares is always worthwhile, and you should also take a mallet to ensure you can get the stakes into the ground. Check out some of our favorite tents below.



This can be a lantern or torches, but it’s vital that you have a source of light for when you are in the tent, and trying to open the zips or move about when it is dark. This is especially important if you have children, or older people camping with you. Have a torch or headlamp near your pillow so it's easily accessible at all times.



You need this for each person that will be camping with you. This should include, at a minimum, a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, and a pillow. Figure out how comfortable or how much you want to be "roughing it" on your camping trip to determine how much you need to bring. If there will be a lot of you in the tent, or your sleep is easily affected by noise, you may also want to bring some ear plugs. You should also bring spare blankets as these will help everyone to keep warm if the temperature starts to fall.



This will depend on where you are camping, as many sites will provide facilities for you. Generally, though, it is a good idea to take a water container so you can have a source of drinking water in the tent, matches (or a lighter), and cooking appliances like a stove or barbecue. It’s also important to bring cutlery and dishes (preferably ​sturdy plastic, but not single use plastic) to eat your food from, and wet wipes to help you stay clean.



Especially if you are going to be in the middle of nowhere you must remember to bring and pack a ​Fully Stocked First Aid Kit, any prescription medications that people on your trip will need when you are away, and other useful items like toilet rolls, toiletries, sunscreen, insect repellent, and antibacterial hand wash.



Again, if you are planning on staying somewhere remote, do not forget to take a map and a compass. Find out how to use your compass efficiently using our ​Top Tips to Read a Compass



Never leave trash where you have been camping, and make sure you have plenty of bags so you can remove the rubbish with you when you leave. Remember not to bury your rubbish either!



A fully charged cellphone will prove to be invaluable when you are camping. It can be used to call for help if needed, and even if you don’t have coverage in the area where you are camping they can provide extra light sources and entertainment. Alongside your phone it is worth also taking a chargeable battery pack so you can recharge your phone or any other device without needing to find a power source.

There will be other items that you need in your particular circumstance, but if you take all of these you will be in a good place to enjoy your trip.

Some Final Thoughts​

There’s nothing quite like getting out into the great outdoors and staying for a few days in your tent. It’s a great way to relax, but your enjoyment will soon be interrupted if you forget to take a vital piece of equipment with you. When deciding what to take camping you should consider the amount of space you have to transport your gear, and how long you will be going for. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and we will get back to you.​

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