Best Hunting Boots Reviews: Be as Tactical and Comfortable as Possible

Man Walking In Hunting Boots Through Forest.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time out in the wilderness tracking your target, it’s worth getting yourself the best hunting boots to ensure you remain comfortable throughout. They are as tough and durable as traditional hiking boots, but also have features to reduce the impacts felt on your feet so you can concentrate on the job at hand. In this article we will be taking a look at hunting boots reviews to help you decide which ones are right for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hunting Boots​

There is a wide range of hunting boots available, each of which are tailored towards specific uses. Before you decide which product is the best for you, you must first consider why you need them. This may seem obvious, but they type of activity will have an effect on the type of boot that you’ll need. Things like the time of year, how much movement is required, and whether you will be in wet conditions or not will dictate certain features that you need to look out for.​

Finding the Perfect Fit​

There’s no point in buying some proper boots unless you ensure that they will fit your feet perfectly. If they are too tight or too loose your feet will rub against them on the long walks, and this will make things very uncomfortable. When trying boots on you should also be wearing the same socks that you plan on wearing on the hunt. The main reason people find themselves with ill fitting boots is because they were wearing much thinner socks when trying them out. If you prefer wearing a wool sock or a liner sock then you must take this into account when choosing the size.


The important thing about your hunting boots is that they will keep your feet feeling comfortable throughout the hunt so you can focus on your activity and not painful feet because of poor boots. After finding the perfect fit, you will need to decide how warm your feet need to be and how dry they will need to be kept. As well as these factors, you need to consider how your feet will react to extensive walking and any features that can help keep them feeling fresh. Things like liners that are moisture wicking will remove the sweat, and the use of breathable materials will keep a good airflow passing through. Adequate cushioning is also vital, because this will help to absorb any shocks that would otherwise pass through your feet and strain your heels and ankles.​

You should also allow for plenty of time to break in your boots, because they won’t be ready to be worn for long periods of time when you first get them, and just as important as getting the right boot is getting a comfortable pair of socks to go with them.​

Insulated Hunting Boots​

The insulation that your boots provide is the main thing that will determine how warm your feet feel. The level of insulation you need will vary depending on the activity you are taking part in and the time of year that you are doing it. If, for example, you will be sitting in a duck blind in low temperatures, then you will need much more insulation than if you are constantly walking across hilly terrain in a warmer climate.

When you look through potential boots to buy, the manufacturers will often provide the optimal temperature ranges for them to be worn at, or a measurement of the thickness of the insulation. It is important to first of all remember that everyone is slightly different in regards to what they will need in each environment, and second of all that your level of movement and activity is going to have a massive impact on the temperatures that our feet are exposed to. You definitely don’t want to have cold or really hot feet when on a hunt, though, so choosing warm hunting boots is essential to keep you feeling comfortable.​

Waterproof Hunting Boots​

No matter what or where you are hunting, it’s likely that you’ll ne encountering water at some point. This can either be by crossing streams of ponds, or simply because most hunters will start early in the morning when there is still dew on the ground. It will make for a miserable day if your boots aren’t adequately waterproofed to protect you from this, so make sure any pair that you consider buying are before making your purchase. This can be by constructing the boots from a naturally water resistant material, or by including a waterproof liner within the boot to keep your feet dry.

​Boot Types

There are three different types of boots that are suited to hunting, each of which is more suited to some activities over others.

Upland boots are lightweight hunting boots, and are ideal for hunts that involve covering large distances when every extra pound that you have to carry with you will make a difference. This is particularly useful for bird hunters, where the ability to move quickly is far more important than sturdiness. They don’t provide as much support or traction as other boots, they don’t collect as much heavy mud or dirt as you walk, and will come in different versions with varying insulation.

Multi-Purpose hunting boots are the largest category of products and are designed to cover you for as wide a range of activities as possible. They are not a specialized for certain uses as other boots, though, so won’t be able to provide you with the ultimate comfort. They are designed to be durable, provide good traction across all surfaces, and are available with varying levels of insulation to suit your requirements.

High Country Boots are designed more for hunting larger game like elk or deer that are found across trickier terrain. In these environments your feet require much greater support to prevent injury, need to be extremely durable because you need them to last the entire hunt without being compromised, and all of this while keeping them feeling fresh and comfortable.​

Best Hunting Boots Compared

Kamik Nation Camo Hunting Boot


Nation Camo





  • Sturdy Design


Bogs Classic High Winter Hunting Boot


Classic High





  • Knee High Design


Under Armour Hunting Boots

Under Armour

Bow Tine





  • UA Scent Control Technology


Irish Setter Vaprtek Hunting Boot

Irish Settler






  • Ultra Lightweight Design


Guide Gear Monolithic Hunting Boots

Guide Gear






  • Lots of Insulation


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Kamik Men’s Nation Camo Hunting Boot 

  • Made from Suede and Nylon
  • Rated for minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Antimicrobial Foot bed
  • Rustproof Speed Lacing
  • Rubber Sole
Kamik Nation Camo Hunting Boot

Our Review

These boots from Kamik will keep your feet feeling comfortable and safe no matter what terrain you are tackling. They are made with a waterproof suede, which along with the seam-sealed build will prevent water from getting in. They are really easy to put on and take off with the rustproof speed lacing system, and the rugged rubber outsole will provide you with grip and traction on all surfaces.

The removable foam liner will keep your feet feeling warm in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but there are further features to ensure comfort. The cushioned foot bed feels great against the soles of your feet and doubles up as a shock absorber to reduce the load that is felt on your ankles. A moisture-wicking lining and breathable materials will keep you feet feeling fresh, and the padded tongue and collar prevent material from falling inside, as well as protecting your feet from rubbing against the boot and developing blisters.

This is a solid all round boot that is suited to all environments. You’ll be able to keep going all day long and focus on the hunt, rather than pains in your feet.​

Bogs Men’s Classic High Camo Winter Snow Boot 

  • 100% Waterproof and Snowproof
  • Anti-odor insole
  • Non-Slip rubber outsole
  • Knee high design
  • Available in 2 camouflage colors or black
Bogs Classic High Winter Hunting Boot

Our Review

The Bogs High Classic boots have been engineered to be incredibly tough, dependable and warm. They are completely waterproof and will keep your feet feeling comfortable even if the temperature outside has fallen to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

The upper part of this boot is made from Neoprene, and the rubber sole offers an impressive amount of grip across all surfaces- even the most wet and slippery ones. The rigid internal shank is a great feature that improves the overall support provided to your feet and ankles, and the inside cushioning feels soft and comfortable.​

The inclusion of a moisture wicking sock-liner will reduce any unwanted heat and remove any sweat, and the antibacterial insole stops and odors from developing. The design of the boot, that reaches knee high, is perfectly suited for walking across all terrains, because it protects your lower legs, adds extra support, and stops dirt from getting inside.

​The boot opening is 16 inches around and is easy to put on and take off without compromising on giving you a tight fit. They are available in a wide range of sizes, and there are three different color options to suit your tastes.

Under Armour Men’s UA Brow Tine Hunting Boots 

  • Made from Synthetic Materials and full grain leather
  • GORE-TEX lining
  • UA Scent Control Technology
  • Adjustable Speed Lacing System
  • Waterproof and very warm
Under Armour Hunting Boots

Our Review

Under Armour have designed these boots to be as practical as possible while still providing you with the protection and comfort you need while out on a hunting trip.

​They have 800g of Primaloft insulation that is lightweight, but will keep you feet feeling warm in most environments. This material is also breathable so air flow within the boot is maintained so your feet feel fresh, with any sweat being quickly removed so you remain dry. The UA Scent Control Technology is a nice addition that prevents any odors from developing after a long day out, and the rigid structure of these boots provides your feet and ankles with ample support so they won’t be left feeling strained or tired. A memory foam top layer further adds to the overall comfort, and the lightweight materials used in the construction of these boots reduces the loads that are being exerted on you with each step.

The adjustable speed lacing system helps to quickly put these boots on and take them off, and will give you a snug, secure fit. The outsole, as you would expect, is made from tough rubber and provides a good level of grip across slippery and dry surfaces.

Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtek Hunting Boot 

  • Lightweight Design
  • UltraDry waterproofing System
  • ScentBan scent control
  • Made from synthetic materials
  • Extremely Durable
Irish Setter Vaprtek Hunting Boot

Our Review

These boots from Irish Setter offer an extremely lightweight option without sacrificing on comfort or durability. They have managed to do this by incorporating their RPM technology that utilizes a composite material that means the boots weigh 40% less than traditional ones.

Your feet will feel fresh and comfortable in these boots with the combination of UltraDry technology, which uses a moisture management lining and waterproof upper design o keep liquid out, and the ScentBan technology that is applied to all parts of the inner boot and kills off the bacteria that would otherwise cause an odor.

The lightweight nature of this boot makes it feel more like an athletic shoe than a hunting boot, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t get the protection and warmth you require. Quite the opposite in fact- they provide a great deal of support, will keep you dry in even the most testing of situations, and allow you to focus on the hunt instead of being constantly bothered by painful feet, which is what makes this one of the best hunting boots available.

Guide Gear Men’s Monolithic Hunting Boots

  • Waterproof
  • 2,400 gram Thinsulate insulation
  • Sure-grip rubber lug outsole
  • Rubber toe and heel cap
  • Padded Tongue and Collar
Guide Gear Monolithic Hunting Boots

Our Review

If you’re planning on a long hunt in particularly cold conditions, then these boots from Guide Gear are well worth taking a look at. They include 2,400 grams of Thinsulate insulation, and will keep your feet feeling toasty no matter the weather or places that you are walking through.

The sure grip outsole provides an impressive amount of traction, even on oily surfaces, so you will be able to confidently move about without the risk of slipping over. These boots, unlike the others, also have rubber toe and heel caps to provide protection against knocks and bumps, with the rest of the sturdily built boot providing further protection and support to your ankles.

They are made with a breathable, waterproof membrane that allows for effective airflow to keep your feet feeling fresh and dry, while the mesh lined EVA insole will keep them feeling comfortable. The moisture wicking lining removes sweat from inside the boot, which also has had an antimicrobial treatment to stop odors from developing. The padded tongue and collar will prevent rubbing and blisters, as well as protecting against dirt or debris from working its way in.​

In Conclusion

When you are out on a hunt you want to be able to focus on the activity rather than being concerned about your feet and how protected they are against the unpredictable conditions. You should also ensure that you have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand. The best hunting boots will keep your feet feeling warm and comfortable and allow you to keep going all day long.

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